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    Training and Certification


The highest priority in
hose assembly and fitting

Investment in a successful future

Our trainings

Advanced training is an important investment in the future of a company in order to maintain or enhance quality and safety. As a supplier of machinery for production of hose assemblies, we are continuously extending our product range to meet the requirements of the market. We offer more:

  • We supply the appropriate material to our customers and we offer training courses, which qualify for production of hose assemblies meeting the high requirements regarding safety and quality.

  • First-Class skilled personnel with expert know-how provides decisive competitive advantages.

  • The production of hose assemblies with the best machines available on the global market ensures quality and safety.

Results of a market study

Interesting to know

In 2016, we commissioned a market study showing the following interesting results:
Many manufacturers of hose assemblies are using targeted trainings and practical trainings for the advanced training of their employees.

  • But only approximately 23.0% of the employees of those companies are qualified regarding hoses,

  • even though 76.3% of all customers suppose, that their supplier has such personnel!

Your value gain:

Become a certified workshop by using UNIFLEX machines with training!



Training of the service and sales team

ULS (UX Inside Label)

Certified workshop

Our two-day UX-Inside training

The target group of our trainings are:

  • Manufacturers of hydraulic hose assemblies, using UNIFLEX machinery for production.

  • Employees of the hose assembly department, quality control, maintenance and sales department.

Hose Assembling

Training part 1:
Theory and practice of hose assembling

Machine Maintenance

Training part 2:
Maintenance and repair of UNIFLEX machines

Promote Quality!

Qualify yourself with the
UX-Inside certification